The General 25.5

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The General vol 25 no 5.jpeg
The General Vol. 25 No. 5

The General Volume 25 Number 5 was published by Avalon Hill in 1989.


  • Series Replay GETTYSBURG '88 by R. Martin, B. Cluck, C. Taylor
  • They Led At Gettysburg The Confederate and Union Generals by Thomas Boeche
  • Horse Soldiers Cavalry Operations during the Gettysburg Campaign by Arnold Blumberg
  • Let Us Cross Over The River A Flight of Fancy for Warmers by William Moore
  • Redcoat Advance The British in 1776 by Scott Hess
  • Darby's Rangers Reference Notes for ASL by Steven C. Swann
  • Computer Corner CIVIL WAR by John Huff
  • Forward To Nashville Early Union Strategy in CIVIL WAR by Derek Croxton
  • Scenario Seven It Was a "Great" Depression, Wasn't It? by S. Craig Taylor Jr.
  • The Battle of Drewry's Bluff A New Scenario for LEE VS. GRANT by Joseph Balkowski
  • Bringing Us All Together Competitors, Socializers and Dreamers by Patrick Carroll
  • AREA News The Latest in Competitive Gaming by Don Burdock
  • Freight Train A RAIL BARON Variant by Kenneth Waido
  • Coming Attractions Hoops and Turnbuckles
  • Wilderness Encounter OUTDOOR SURVIVAL in YELLOWSTONE
  • Sports Special The Best Bet by Jim Burnett
  • Devil's Advocate Tactical Advice for DEVIL'S DEN by David Bieksza
  • Guns Of September Updating 2nd Edition GOA by Robert Beyma
  • One Hundred Days Of Victory How Napoleon Can Salvage the Empire by Sam Mustafa
  • Risky Business A Designer's Look at BULL RUN by Richard Hamblen


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G8 Recon in Force 16/07/1943 American Axis