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Tactiques 8

Tactiques, Le magazine des fanatiques d'ASL

Issue #8 (June 1995) - 47 pages



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario Tac59 La Bataille Du Rail (The Rail Battle) 15/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario Tac60 Partie De Campagne (Country Outing) 30/07/1944 British German
ASL Scenario Tac61 Des Fantomes Dans La Jungle (Ghosts in the Jungle) 02/08/1944 American Japanese
ASL Scenario Tac62 Panzers Marsch! (Panzers March!) 16/08/1944 German Russian
ASL Scenario Tac63 Un Train Pour Arnhem (A Train for Arnhem) 19/09/1944 American / British German
ASL Scenario Tac64 Tenez Vos Positions! (Hold Your Ground!) 27/01/1945 German Free French
ASL Scenario Tac65 Les Dernier Pont (The Last Bridge) 28/04/1945 Russian German
ASL Scenario Tac66 L'Ultime Assaut (The Last Attack) 30/04/1945 German Russian
ASL Scenario Tac PBDYO 1 Le Ciel et la Boue (Sky and Mud) 22/12/1942 French Italian
ASL Scenario Tac PBDYO 2 Les Sentiers de la Gloire (The Path of Glory) 18/04/1945 Russian German


Not available for download. The individual scenarios have been translated by the Coastal Fortress Gaming Group and made available for download.