La Neige et le Sang

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La Neige et le Sang

Scenario TAC13.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 2
Location: Bolshoye Utschno, Russia
Scenario Date: 17/01/1942
# of Turns: 8
# of Maps: 1
Maps Used: 3
Attacker: Russian
Defender: Spanish /Lettons


Latvians of the 81st Division joined forces with Ordás Ski company. In -21° C cold Lieutenant Otero de Arce took men of the Ski company and 40 Latvian soldiers on a reconnaissance to the south-east. Passing through Maloye Utschno and Bolshoye Utschno, they encountered Russians at Shiloy Tschernez. De Arce assaulted the Russian positions and drove them out at bayonet point.

Two of his squads advanced to the next village to the south - Pnikovo - but the defenders (six T-26 tanks and two battalions of infantry) drove the imprudent squads back and forced De Arce's main force out of Shiloy Tschernez. De Arce and a rear-guard of 36 Spaniards made a stand at Bolshoye Utschno allowing the wounded to escape by sleigh. The Lieutenant and a few survivors later escaped under cover of darkness. Of the 36 men in the rear guard, 16 were killed and 16 wounded.

Source: Spanish volunteers in Russia

Versions History

Victory Conditions

Russians need the most exit VP (A26.3).


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