Rate Of Fire 14

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Rate Of Fire Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Paddington Bears ASL Club

Issue #14 (Winter 1999) - 33 pages


  • Foreword by Mark McGilchrist
  • CANCON 21 - The Director's cut by Stephen Mugford
  • The Story of Pegasus
  • Ham and Jam: Pegasus Bridge The Day a Bridge Changed Name by Kevin Pietersen
  • Pegasus Bridge - the new terrain (SSR PB4, Q1, Q2, Q5.2, Q5.3, Q5.4, Q5.5, Q6)
  • The lie of the land, the top 10 hexes in Pegasus Bridge by Alan Smee
  • Official errata and Q&A for Pegasus Bridge From MMP
  • PB Scenario Review (PB 1, PB 2, PB 3, PB4, PB 5, PB 6, MMP 3)
  • The Full Monty: Longworth vs. Seage at the Bridge (Pegasus Bridge CG)
  • Pegasus Bridge: Another story Smee vs. Cornwall (Pegasus Bridge CG)
  • Micro-CG III: Seizing the Bridge (Scenario PB M-CG III)
  • Obituary - John Howard
  • Musee des Blindes by Alan Smee


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
HASL PB M-CG III Seizing The Bridge 06/06/1944 British German


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