Action Pack 2

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Action Pack 2.jpeg
Action Pack 2

Action Pack 2 was published by MMP in 1999. The scenarios required counters and boards from Beyond Valor, Yanks, West of Alamein, Hollow Legions, Code of Bushido, Gung Ho! and Croix de Guerre.

The overrun flowchart was included in the second edition ASL Rulebook.


  • 8 scenarios
  • 2 mounted maps (46, 47)
  • Terrain overlays (buildings, hills)
  • Overrun Flowchart






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario AP9 Red Storm 16/04/1945 Russian German
ASL Scenario AP10 Closing the Net 15/01/1943 American Japanese
ASL Scenario AP11 Swamp Cats 03/07/1944 Russian German
ASL Scenario AP12 Cream of the Crop 23/06/1941 German Russian
ASL Scenario AP13 Shielding Moscow 03/12/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario AP14 Ace in the Hole 27/02/1945 American German
ASL Scenario AP15 Broken Bamboo 29/03/1944 British Japanese
ASL Scenario AP16 Danger Forward 21/07/1943 Italian American