A Day by the Shore

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A Day By the Shore

Scenario G22.jpg
Publication: The General 29.4
Location: Franceville-Plage, France
Scenario Date: 7 June 1944
# of Turns: 9.5
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 4, 8, 20
Board G22.jpg
Attacker: British
Defender: German


The heavily defended gun battery at Merville had been attacked by paratroops, but one gun was still firing and, in the confusion, two groups of Number 3 Commando were sent to finish the job. 45 (RM) Commando was reassigned to secure the coastal town of Franceville-Plage. While advancing across open ground to their objective, the much-reduced force came under intense mortar and sniper fire. Worse, its HQ was ambushed leaving only three officers unwounded. Following a short naval bombardment, two troops entered the main street of the town. . .


Victory Conditions

The British must control hexes


Errata (G22)

  • In the VC add "assembled" after "Good Order"
  • In German Turn 3 reinforcements replace "enter on Turn 3" with "enter on/after Turn 3"
  • In German balance replace "on Turn 2" with "on/after Turn 2"




After Action Reports