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VASL is a computerized interface for playing ASL over the Internet. It does not replace the need to own the boardgame, but it does allow any two players to connect and play each other live over the Internet. Unlike games played over Internet chat sites (IRQ's), you are able to see and manipulate both the maps and counters on the VASL screen and transmit this information instantaneously to your opponent. Play by email or connect to the online server, where you can view other games being played, share information, chat, and compete in online tournaments. It's a club for those without a club, and it's changing the hobby.

The site previously referenced on this page,, has moved to and has been completely reorganized and updated.

Getting Started

Go to for the VASL software, boards, extensions and documentation.

Start Playing

This hotkeys reference is still relevant, if dated.

More Resources

You can get help with VASL on GameSquad in the VASL subforum.

There is also a Facebook group for VASL users.