The Liberation of Tulle

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The Liberation of Tulle

Publication: Partisan!
Location: Tulle, France
Scenario Date: 7 June 1944
# of Turns: 8
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 2, 22
Attacker: Partisan
Defender: German




Victory Conditions

The Partisan must control buildings






After Action Reports

<foldingnav/> Chris Julias & Scott Shoemaker (German) vs Aaron Krebs (Partisan) (Original Link (down)). <foldingnav>


This was played out during Herr Victor Tournament I Private Stum had to depart early, since he had to go tie some frilly bow-things onto frilly wedding favors, which left me to lead the attack into the board 22 village all by my lonesome. My initial timidness would ultimately be the deciding factor.


The Germans' defense looked to be fairly well-balanced -- stacks up front which seemed to represent at least a third of the defenders, to slow the initial push, and well-defended fallback positions. Every victory building had defenders, with 22D7 receiving a token defender.

The Maquisards split off a small group along the edge of board 2, to make a push toward buildings 22D5 and 22D7 in the rear. Building 22D5 looked to be heavily defended, but if that could be breached 22D7 was left almost empty. The rest of my forces (excluding the backups who would be applied where most needed) were to push forward and (hopefully) take 22Z3 and 22U2 quickly. Those buildings alone would have been enough for victory, and a quick push would (hopefully) accomplish these goals.

Game Play:

[detailed play-by-play unavailable]

Suffice it to say that the Partisans were too slow at the start, as their ineffective fire could not even reveal two well-placed dummy stacks near the front. Too much worrying early on. The late push could have been fruitful had there been just a bit more time. "He who hesitates.." etc.. Outcome:

Well, right off the bat, the main force ground to a halt, and was slow to expose dummied-up stacks - the defense turned out to be a bit rear-heavy, and I should have been able to grab the front buildings faster. As this represented one of the first attacking roles I'd ever played, some of this might be expected.

Also right off the bat, a sniper (Chris' sniper, of course) WIPED one of the backup stacks - killing an 8-0 and breaking every other member of the stack. There wasn't going to be a lot of help from the reinforcements it seemed.

The smaller force along board's edge made their way through the woods and approached 22DD5. After exchanging fire, they were able to force the Germans back out of the end of the building and gain entry, though not without taking some casualties. Support from units in 22Z3 (they had finally gotten THAT far) helped the issue. One unit dashed into 22D7 to claim that building. In a truly embittering turn of events, a lone 6+1 leader held building 22D7 by first ambushing, then snake-eyeing the close combat against the Maquis unit. The rest of the force in 22D5 was unable to push the Germans out and claim that building, either.

Meanwhile, later than expected, buildings 22Z3 and 22W2 had fallen. But too few forces were available, and a last-ditch, desparate rush towards 22T6 proved fatal.

Sniper Statistics

Chris' sniper legend grew, hitting 4 out of 9 shots, the most devastating being that stack-wrecker that crippled the reinforcements. Scott's own sniper was up to the task, while Aaron's (despite numerous opportunities) proved ineffective.

Hits/Attempts: Chris 4/9, Aaron 2/8, Scott 1/3

</foldingnav> <foldingnav/> Aaron Krebs (Partisan) vs Chris Julias & Scott Shoemaker (German) (Original Link (down)). <foldingnav>

Prelude (From ASL Scenario 27)

Tulle, France, 7 June 1944...With the arrival of the Allies in Normandy, many in France believed that their liberation would follow within weeks if not days. Jean-Jacques Chapou's Maquis of the communist FTP (Francs-Tireurs et Partisans) believed that they would now have to take matters into their own hands or see their power in the Correze region swept aside by history. So in defiance of every order they had received through London, and of every rule of guerrilla warfare and common prudence, they attempted to seize and control the sleepy town of Tulle- a plan they had been relishing for months...


...The partisan attack started out poorly. Very early one of the leaders of the group was killed by a German sniper. To make matters worse long range machine gun fire cut down some of the late arriving units. The partisans were also held up by their lack of knowledge of where the Germans were. The first buildings fell slowly despite the fact that only two German squads defended them. Seeing that his troops were moving rather slowly, the Partisan commander swung the mass of his troops to the east. Moving up through the woods the partisans closed in on a large building. The building, defended by a platoon, managed to inflict moderate losses upon the partisans. Then one partisan squad opened fire on the Germans. The fire was enough to cause the Germans to pull back. The partisans then closed on the building and managed to take it. When the partisans continued their attack across the street they were attacked by heavy machine gun fire. In the end only one partisan unit made it to the building. This unit, while moving through the building was ambushed and destroyed by a German officer. Realizing that time was running short, the partisans made one last attempt to take a building on the west side of town. Running from building to building the partisans managed to surround the building which was defended by 1 German platoon. The Germans waited until the last minute before they opened fire. This deadly attack stopped a large number of the partisan, but a few managed to get into the building. In the room to room fighting that followed neither side managed to eliminate the other. The end result being that the Germans managed to hold onto the town...