The General 31.6

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The General vol 31 no 6.jpeg
The General Vol. 31 No. 6

The General Volume 31 Number 6 was published by Avalon Hill in 1997.


  • A Preface to Peiper Intro to KAMPFGRUPPE PEIPER by Stuart K. Tucker
  • KGP 7 The Bridge at Cheneux An ASL Crossfire by Robert Banozic and Rich Summers
  • Beach by Beach Strategy in BREAKOUT: NORMANDY by Alan Applebaum
  • Stuck in the Turanian Plain Again Computer HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Mark G. McLaughlin
  • Adding the Operational Dimension The Design of ACHING SPITFIRE! by Charlie Moylan
  • Death in the Afternoon A First Look at TITAN: THE ARENA by Stuart K. Tucker
  • AvalonCon '97 Champions Here are their victorious smiles
  • Exploding on the Screen Report from E3 by Jim Pedicord
  • Zone of Control Boardgame Review Section ed. by John Kisner
  • Scoring Princess Ryan Optional Rules by Mark G. McLaughlin
  • PANZER LEADER Situation 31-6 A WWII Rescue Mission by F. Pierce Eichelberger
  • HISTORY OF THE WORLD with Personality Extra Event Cards by Michael Welker
  • The Gaming of History Using Games in the Classroom by David Spangler
  • Putting the H Back into Your Offense A Sports Special by Robert M. Halford


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G42 The Youth's First Blood 07/06/1944 Canadian German
ASL Scenario G43 Kangaroo Hop 17/09/1944 Canadian German