The General 31.3

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The General vol 31 no 3.jpeg
The General Vol. 31 No. 3

The General Volume 31 Number 3 was published by Avalon Hill in 1997.


  • It's in the Deck Roman Strategy in HANNIBAL by Chris A. Cornaghie and Butch Glankler
  • Carthage Must Be Destroyed…Not! Carthaginian Strategy in HANNIBAL by Karsten Engelmann
  • Battle Tactics in HANNIBAL More Tactical Tips by Michael Anchors
  • Tarchon Teeth CAVEWARS Race Profile by Ben Knight
  • Spelunking with the Gakkar CAVEWARS by Kirk M. Carroll
  • No Place Like the Advari Home by Edward McConnell
  • Why So Much ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER? A Devotee Pleas for More Coverage by Brian C. Blad
  • Alone and Confused SASL and the Novice Player by Matthew Ellison
  • Series Replay - SOLITAIRE ASL A Bunker Busting Mission by Neil Clark with Richard Eichenlaub
  • Medieval MACHIAVELLI New Scenarios from Italy's Middle Ages by Charles Bahl
  • Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition Deploying into Line with Age of Rifles by Mark G. McLaughlin
  • More Shooting and Scooting A Variant for ASSASSIN by Bruce Reiff
  • Coach the Game A Sports Special STATIS-PRO BASKETBALL by James C. Gordon
  • AvalonCon Highlights Continued Part Two of Convention Coverage ed. by Stuart K. Tucker


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario V Auld Lang Syne 01/01/1945 German American
ASL Scenario G37 Forth Bridge 11/04/1945 British German