The General 31.2

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The General vol 31 no 2.jpeg
The General Vol. 31 No. 2

The General Volume 31 Number 2 was published by Avalon Hill in 1997.


  • Blitz by Number Ground School for LONDON'S BURNING by Charles Bahl
  • Protecting England Strategy Tips for LONDON'S BURNING by Andrew R. Maly
  • The Magical Pleasures of CAVEWARS Laptop Reference with a Race Profile of Namarie by Mark Simonitch
  • Thirty Seconds Over London Microscenarios for LONDON'S BURNING by Charles Bahl
  • Hyper Sniper A Look at this Threat in ASL by Mark C. Nixon
  • Series Replay - HANNIBAL: ROME VS. CARTHAGE Punic Clash by Andrew R. Maly, Jeff Paull and Stuart K. Tucker
  • The Play Is The Thing? Juniors Events at AvalonCon 1996 by Stuart K. Tucker
  • Rebuilding Western Civilization Sample Game of AGE OF RENAISSANCE
  • Artificial Intelligence for PC THIRD REICH Design Analysis by David Hiller
  • Staff Briefing An Interview with David Hiller by Stuart K. Tucker
  • The Old Way to Win the New ACQUIRE Ten Winning Principles by Michael Anchors
  • Historical Conquest in WAR & PEACE More Realism for the Grand Campaign by Charles E. Duke
  • Destalinization A 1953 Variant for KREMLIN by Ed Ericsson III


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G35 Going to Church 01/08/1944 Canadian German
ASL Scenario G36 Hill of Death 11/07/1944 British German