The General 30.6

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The General vol 30 no 6.jpeg
The General Vol. 30 No. 6

The General Volume 30 Number 6 was published by Avalon Hill in 1996.


  • GERONIMO 101 Strategic Considerations in GERONIMO by Charles Bahl
  • Design Analysis - Random Acts Of Violence Design and Play Theory for GERONIMO by Richard H. Berg
  • Evoking More Visions Additional Random Events for GERONIMO by Alan R. Arvold
  • The Causes And Strategy Of The Second Punic War Historical Keys to HANNIBAL by Richard M. Berthold
  • Testimony To An Epic Struggle First Look at HANNIBAL: ROME VS. CARTHAGE by Stuart K. Tucker
  • How To Be An Avalon Hill AIR BARON Preview of a New Game by Evan Davies
  • Series Replay - AIR BARON Deregulated Competition at its Best by the Boys on the Hill
  • Staff Briefing An Interview with Ben Knight by Stuart K. Tucker
  • Sweden Makes Eight A Variant and Scenarios for EMPIRES IN ARMS by Jim Lawler
  • Next Generation - Civilized From The Start An Analysis of the Nations in CIVILIZATION by Mark A. Mahaffey
  • Good Habits for PC ADVANCED CIVILIZATION Manage Your Next Game Better by Michael and Cynthia Welker


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G31 Point of the Sword 06/06/1944 British German
ASL Scenario G32 A Helping Hand 13/06/1944 American German