The General 30.2

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The General vol 30 no 2.jpeg
The General Vol. 30 No. 2

The General Volume 30 Number 2 was published by Avalon Hill in 1995.


  • Indigo Indians Blue Strategies for MAHARAJA by John W. Kisner
  • It's Not Easy Being Green Green Strategies for MAHARAJA by William Sariego
  • The Color Of Kings Purple Strategies for MAHARAJA by Daniel Clark
  • Oh, Danny Boy! An Ireland Add-on Map for BRITANNIA by Jim Lawler
  • Commando British Commandos for ASL by Steven C. Swann
  • This Ain't Your Father's AI Tips and Tactics for 1830 PC by Robert Waters
  • Very Much With Us! AREA is taken over by Glenn Petroski and Russ Gifford
  • Winter Errata The Official Errata for the ASL Winter '95 Annual
  • Don't Give Up The Ship! A Fleet Variant for ENEMY IN SIGHT by Robert Genadio
  • The East Is Yellow Yellow Strategies for MAHARAJA by Steven L. deVore
  • Series Replay - MAHARAJAH Play-by-Play of Turns 1 through 11 by Rick Koltz, Pete Stavish, Alton Grunich, Walt Keelin and Charles Bahl
  • Clash Of Eagles Duel of Air Aces in the Great War: Historical Scenarios for KNIGHTS OF THE AIR by Shamsher Sheikh
  • The STALINGRAD Tactical Training School Part II - Sections 5 and 6 by Eric Sposito


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G27 Vaagso Venture 27/12/1941 British German