The General 29.6

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The General vol 29 no 6.jpeg
The General Vol. 29 No. 6

The General Volume 29 Number 6 was published by Avalon Hill in 1995.


  • Driver Personalities Advanced Campaign Rules for ROADKILL by Robert Waters
  • One & Two Player GUERILLA A Variant for Our Newest Card Game by Alan R. Arvold
  • The American Military On The Eve Of War The State of the U.S. Military Before World War II by Paul L. Penrod
  • Evolving Tactics Play Strategies for TYRANNO EX by Michael Anchors
  • Taking A Bite Out Of A Hunk Of Cheese Or How to Counter an AFV in Motion Bypass by Don Clouse
  • The Rhetoric Of Games As an Example to Future Generations by Lt. David Ray Bowman
  • Playing The Weak Empires Strategy for HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Wesley Kawato
  • Up Front In The Mountains Mountain Terrain Rules for UP FRONT by Alan R. Arvold
  • Flying Shotgun Tips and Tactics for FLIGHT COMMANDER 2 by Michael McMain
  • Down For The Count' WRASSLIN Speciality Matches by Bruce Monnin
  • Transient! Transient! New Rules and New Scenarios for ATTACK SUB by John Kettler and Kevin McCormack
  • Series Replay: FIFTH FLEET Play-By-Email Game of Scenario 7 (Day One) by Thomas Chick, Alan Tetkoskie and Joe Balkoski
  • More Chaos In The KREMLIN Adding More Players to the Politburo by Ed Ericson


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario T Pavlov's House 20/10/1942 German Russian
DASL Scenario GD-B The Kiwi's Attack 15/03/1944 New Zealander German