The General 29.3

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The General vol 29 no 3.jpeg
The General Vol. 29 No. 3

The General Volume 29 Number 3 was published by Avalon Hill in 1994.


  • In Defense Of Normandy The German Defense in BREAKOUT: NORMANDY by Don Greenwood
  • A Matter Of Priorities Allied Strategies in BREAKOUT: NORMANDY by Andrew R. Maly
  • GUERILLA Warfare for the Socially Challenged: A Preview of the new Multi-Player Card Game by Neal Schlaffer and Don Greenwood
  • Making Assassinations Work In ASSASSIN Optional Rules for Players Wanting More Conflict by David Curry
  • The Rhetoric Of Games "Conflict" vs. "Combat": A Close Look at CIVILIZATION & HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Robert Waters
  • Seven Players HISTORY OF THE WORLD Using Sumeria as a "Real" Empire by Paul Rice
  • Independent Kingdoms An ADVANCED CIVILIZATION Variant by Bruce Harper
  • World At War: Operation Crusader Tips and Tactics by Justin Bunnell
  • Scenario Briefing A Tough Nut to Crack by Gary Chaney
  • Series Replay BREAKOUT: NORMANDY by Drew Simon, Andrew Maly and Donald Greenwood
  • Designer's Notes Camp Nibeiwa ASL Scenario G20


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G19 A Tough Nut to Crack 01/01/1943 Australian Japanese
ASL Scenario G20 Camp Nibeiwa 09/12/1940 British Italian