The General 28.4

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The General vol 28 no 4.jpeg
The General Vol. 28 No. 4

The General Volume 28 Number 4 was published by Avalon Hill in 1993.


  • The Battle Of Berlin A Variant for B-17 by Larry Cirelli
  • Once More Unto The Breach An Introduction to D-DAY '91 by Richard L. Miller
  • The Battle Of Arracourt Three New Scenarios for PANZER LEADER by Alan Arvold
  • Aspects Of Culture Advanced Scoring in ADVANCED CIVILIZATION by Bruce Harper
  • Rheinubang On The Chesapeake The 1992 AvalonCon WAR AT SEA Tournament by Bruce Monnin
  • After Action Report The First Annual ASL Open by Gary Fortenberry
  • The UP FRONT Column Four New Western Front Scenarios by G. Kettler, J. Murphy & M. Reed
  • Purse Of Gold A LEGENDS OF ROBIN HOOD Variant by Jared Scarborough
  • Acquiz A Test of Your Expertise in ACQUIRE by Michael Anchors
  • Scenario Briefing Player's Notes for ASL by Mark Nixon
  • PL-PBM-EZ A Complete PBM System for PANZER LEADER by Ray Freeman & Al Thomas


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario S The Whirlwind 18/04/1945 American German
ASL Scenario G15 Bone of Contention 31/08/1944 German Partisan