The General 28.3

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The General vol 28 no 3.jpeg
The General Vol. 28 No. 3

The General Volume 28 Number 3 was published by Avalon Hill in 1993.


  • A Steppe In The Right Direction The German First Turn in RUSSIAN FRONT by Richard L. Miller
  • Panzer Hunters Tactical Air Support for the PANZERBLITZ Series by Carl Schwamberger
  • New Expressions For A Familiar Face Six New Scenarios for PANZERBLITZ by Alan Arvold
  • The Numbers Game Rating the Scenarios of the ASL Family of Games by Russ Gifford
  • The Black Sea Waltz Naval Movement Options in RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN by James Lutz
  • A Decade Of Shuffling Along UP FRONT Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Don Hawthorne
  • Government Intervention In RAIL BARON A Variant for AH's Game of Empire-Building by Taylor, Brown & Marian
  • Gone But Not Forgotten… The World's Oldest Wargame by Patrick Carroll
  • A Fond Friendship Renewed Re-Acquainting Oneself with THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN by Art Kritzer
  • Eastern Skies An AIR FORCE Variant by Andrew Visegrady


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario R Burzevo 02/12/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario G14 Tiger, Tiger 11/02/1943 Russian German