The General 26.5

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The General vol 26 no 5.jpeg
The General Vol. 26 No. 5

The General Volume 26 Number 5 was published by Avalon Hill in 1990.


  • 501 City-Fight-In-Four DYO for UP FRONT by Marcus Watney
  • The Long Campaign Polishing Up the UP FRONT Campaign Game by M. Hall & G. Frederick
  • Series Replay DESERT WAR, City Fight by L. Moore, S. Harvester, R. Martin
  • Odd Man In Three-Player UP FRONT by Jay Kaufman
  • Coming Attractions ATTACK SUB
  • The Moral Dimension Personal Reminiscences of AMBUSH by Carl Hoffman
  • Sports Special WRASSLIN' by B. Harper & J. Burnett
  • R.A.A.F. Random Appearance AIR FORCE by Jerry Hall
  • Battles For The South Pacific Hypothetical Scenarios for FLAT TOP by James Lutz
  • Computer Corner Programmer Guidelines by John Huff
  • Operation Porcupine A "Killer" Variant for B-17 by C. Posey & G. DeMichele
  • Over The Fence Covert Missions in SE Asia by Charles Lewis
  • AREA News The Latest in Competitive Gaming by Don Burdock
  • Red Devils Reference Notes for ASL by Steven C. Swann


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G11 Pegasus Bridge 06/06/1944 British German