The General 26.1

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The General vol 26 no 1.jpeg
The General Vol. 26 No. 1

The General Volume 26 Number 1 was published by Avalon Hill in 1990.


  • Tramp Starship A Look at MERCHANT OF VENUS by James Werbaneth
  • Fun & Profit In The 32nd Century Designer’s Notes and Variant for MERCHANT OF VENUS by Richard Hamblen
  • Series Replay Solitaire MERCHANT OF VENUS by Ray Pfeiffer & Richard Hamblen
  • New Wars For Old A Variant for DARK EMPEROR by Glenn Rahman
  • Computer Corner Hardware and Gaming by John Huff
  • AREA News The Latest in Competitive Gaming by Don Burdick
  • The Lansraad Maneuver A DUNE Variant by Kenneth Burke
  • Alone In The Lost World A Sample Game of Solitaire DINOSAURS by Don Greenwood
  • An Assembly Of Gentlemen Exploiting Parliament in KINGMAKER by James Werbaneth
  • Sports Special STATIS-PRO FOOTBALL Part Two by Jim Burnett
  • Stellar Empire Empire-Building in STELLAR CONQUEST by James Werbaneth
  • Desert Sands The Scenarios of WOA by Mark Nixon
  • Black Tea For Two A KREMLIN Variant by Ted S. Racier
  • Coming Attractions REPUBLIC OF ROME by Don Greenwood
  • Beyond The 11th Card Advanced CIVILIZATION by Jim Eliason
  • Squad Leader Clinic Mortars by Jon Mishcon


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario O The St. Goar Assault 24/03/1945 American German
ASL Scenario P The Road to Wiltz 18/12/1944 German American