The General 25.2

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The General vol 25 no 2.jpeg
The General Vol. 25 No. 2

The General Volume 25 Number 2 was published by Avalon Hill in 1989.


  • Tactical Airpower Doctrine Guidelines for Managing Airpower in TAC AIR by Gary C. Morgan
  • Series Replay TAC AIR by B. Korn, J. Wissman, M. Montemorano, C. Taylor
  • The Laager South Africa’s War and FIREPOWER by James P. Werbaneth
  • Sports Special Kick Off by Jim Burnett
  • Computer Corner Contemporary Designs by John Huff
  • Into The Jungle Player’s Notes on PLATOON by James Webaneth
  • Coming Attractions MBT by Jim Day
  • The Case For Playing By Mail An Introduction to PBM by Tom Oleson
  • The Revised AREA Briefing Changes to the AREA System by Don Greenwood
  • Code Of Conduct The Rules for PBM by Tom Oleson
  • Play Conventions For Russian Campaign Plugging the Holes in PBM by Robert Costelloe
  • Storm In The Pacific Strategy and Tactics for 7TH FLEET by Jim Eliason
  • Squad Leader Clinic Achtung Minen! by Jon Mishcon
  • The Pieces Of Arab-Israeli Wars A Unit-by-Unit Review by David Howery


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario K The Cannes Strongpoint 23/08/1944 American German
ASL Scenario L Hitdorf on the Rhine 06/04/1945 American German