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The Completely Official Publication of Advanced Squad Leader

Issue #5.2 (Fall, 1995)


  • Third Bridge Story - A few ideas as to why this never-module still isn't
  • The Last Rant - One message you won't have to hear again
  • God Help The King - More last words
  • The Traitor - A really pleasant new SMC for ASL
  • A Walk through ASL Publications - There are a few, and there have been many
  • Book and Movie Review - Good stuff for your eyes and mind
  • She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Consider this your warning
  • ASL Campaign Games - Just what's out there, and when will you see it...
  • Build an Aftermath - Put together your own special action
  • How to play outside - You knew we'd say something about it sooner or later
  • It's Cheesy but it Works - First in a series
  • Tales From The Trench - Is he a French-type person?
  • The Killer Elite - Some good scenarios and their men
  • Monthly Column: Kraut Krap
  • How to play: Knight's Move and Cemetery (Scenario Z 25, Scenario Z 26)
  • How to play: Setting the Woods on Fire (Scenario Z 23)
  • How to play: Soldiers of Construction (Scenario Z 28)
  • How to play: Men of Stone (Scenario Z 24)


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario Z 23 Setting the Woods on Fire 20/09/1944 British German
ASL Scenario Z 24 Men of Stone 04/05/1945 Japanese American
ASL Scenario Z 25 Knight's Move 25/05/1944 German (SS) Partisan
ASL Scenario Z 26 The Cemetery 25/05/1944 Partisan German SS)
ASL Scenario Z 27 The Corridor 20/02/1945 Russian German
ASL Scenario Z 28 Soldiers of Construction 08/07/1945 Japanese American


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