Rate Of Fire 16

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Rate Of Fire Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Paddington Bears ASL Club

Issue #16 (Winter 2000) - 24 pages


  • Foreword by Mark McGilchrist (editor)
  • Padington Bears AGM Report
  • Tips from a Speedster. Playing ASL Faster by Mark McGilchrist
  • TACTICS ASL Tournament by Steve Groves
  • ANZACon 2000 Report by Richard Weiley
  • The US Army at War: How Uncle Sam fought his war!!
  • In praise of the Sherman Tank by Mark McGilchrist
  • ARRACOURT HISTORICAL NOTES (Arracourt CG) (exerpt from Hugh M. Cole)
  • ARRACOURT Designer Notes (Arracourt CG) by Mark McGilchrist
  • ANZAC Scenario Design Competition


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