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Comprehensive list of all official magazines and fanzines containing ASL-related material.

Product Publication Year(s) Publisher
A25.6 (Hullhit) 2005-2007 Guiseppe Leo
Alea 1989-... Ludopress
All-American Gamers Guide 1998 Critical Hit
ASL Annual 1989-1997 Avalon Hill
ASL Classic 1998 Avalon Hill
ASL Digest 1991-1997 Multiple Editors
ASL Journal 1999-... MMP
ASL News 1990-1996 ASL News
ASLUG 1993 ASL Union of Gamers
At The Point 1991-1992 Marc Hanna
Backblast 1994-1995 MMP
Banzai! 1996-2005 Texas ASL Club
Battleplan 1987-1989 3W
Breakout! 1981-1991 Conflict Simulations of Australia
Canadian Wargamers Journal 1985-1996 Canadian Wargamers Group
Casus Belli 1980-2000 Canadian Wargamers Group
Conscripts! 2000-2006 DC Conscripts ASL Club
Critical Hit ASL Magazine 1994-... Critical Hit
Critical Hit On-Line Edition 1998 Critical Hit
Crossfire 1996-2002 Army Group South ASL Club
CX 1999-2002 Puget Sound ASL Club
Dispatches from the Bunker 1997-... Vic Provost
Fire for Effect 1992-1994 Fire for Effect
Frog of War 2004-... Frog of War
Front Line Dispatch 2003 Poor Man’s ASL Club
Gazette d'ASL 1999-2000 Gazette d'ASL
Journal du Stratège 1983-1993 ?
Hit The Beach! 1996-2004 Southern California ASL Club
In Contact 1989-1990 In Contact
Le Franc Tireur 1996-... Le Franc Tireur
Lider 1981-2001 Maquetismo y simulación
Maple Leaf Route 1997-2004 Canadian ASL Association
On All Fronts 1982-1997 Terry Treadaway
On TRAC 2001 Tri-State ASL Club
Operations 1991-... MMP
Out of the Attic 2003 MMP
Point-Blank 2000-2001, 2010-... Silicon Valley ASL Club
Pointe Du Hoc Gamers Guide 1998 Critical Hit
Post Info News 2001-2002 Squad Mediterranean Club and Histofig
Rally Point 1998-2000 (?) Winnipeg ASL Club
Rate Of Fire 1994-2002 Paddington Bears ASL Club
Recon by Fire 1999-... Heat of Battle
Scenarios for Wargamers 1993-1994 Jay Karamales
Schwerpunkt 1996-... Sherry Enterprises
Scroungin' ASL News 1998 Critical Hit
Sir Roger Mercenario 2000-2003 Sir Roger Mercenario
Special Ops 2011-... Special Ops
Spel! 1997-... Ducosim
Tactiques 1991-1995 Le Cercle de stratégie and SARL Multisim
The Boardgamer 1995-2004 Bruce Monnin
The Forward Observer 2001 Coastal Fortress
The General 1964-1998 Avalon Hill
The Rout Report 1990-1995 DAGGER
The Wargamer 1977-1990 Decision Games
Time On Target 1994-1996 Kinetic Energy
Trail Break 1993 Trail Break
Trench of Death 2001-2002 ASL News
Vae Victis 1995-... Histoire et Collections
View From The Trenches 1995-... View From The Trenches