La batterie de Merville

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La batterie de Merville

Scenario TAC5.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 1
Location: Merville, France
Scenario Date: 05/06/1944
# of Turns: 9
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 5, 14, 19
Board TAC5.jpg
Attacker: British
Defender: German


The assault upon the Merville Battery was to be the most risky venture that the 6th Airborne Division was to undertake on D-Day. Otway summed up the extent of the challenge most successfully:

"The Battery contained four guns which were thought to be 150mm, and each gun was in an emplacement made of concrete six foot thick, on top of which was another six foot of earth. There were steel doors in front and rear. The garrison was believed to consist of 150-200 men, with two 20mm dual-purpose guns and up to a dozen machine guns. There was an underground control room and odd concrete pillboxes dotted about. The position was circular, about 400 yards in diameter and surrounded by barbed wire and mines. There was a village a few hundred yards away which might have held more German troops. There were only two sides from which we could possibly attack. On the north there was a double-apron barbed wire fence, outside which was a minefield about thirty yards deep. Outside this again was an anti-tank ditch fourteen feet wide and sixteen feet deep, which we assumed would be full of horrors. On the south side there was the same double-apron fence and the same thirty-yard minefield, but instead of the ditch there was another barbed wire fence some twelve to fifteen feet thick and five to six feet high. The whole Battery was then surrounded by a minefield 100 yards deep which was protected by a barbed wire cattle fence, possibly electrified. Such was the nut to be cracked. As we were to land to the south of the Battery I decided to attack from the south."

Source: Colonel Otway on the Merville Battery

Versions History

Victory Conditions

All German ART Guns need to be destroyed. Night rules (E1) are used.


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After Action Report