La Vallee du Tonnerre

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La Vallee du Tonnerre

Scenario TAC15.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 2
Location: Gromovaja-Balka, Ukraine
Scenario Date: 28/02/1942
# of Turns: 9
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 24, 26
Attacker: Russian
Defender: German


Fighting alongside the SS Germania regiment from the SS-Division Das Reich, the Walloons defended the village of Gromovayabalka from attacks by large enemy forces. After a second attack on 28 February, 1942 took most of the village, Pauly rallied his men and in fierce house to house fighting recaptured the position.

On 2 March, the Battalion was relieved. During this action, the Walloons had lost over a third of their strength, but gained the respect of their Heer counterparts. Among those who received decorations was Leon Degrelle, who was also promoted to Feldwebel for his bravery in the action.

Source: 5th SS Volunteer Sturmbrigade Wallonien

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The Russians need to control most of the buildings on board 24.


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After Action Report