Je me souviens

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Je me souviens

Scenario TAC4.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 1
Location: The Abruzzi, Italy
Scenario Date: 14/12/1943
# of Turns: 10
# of Maps: 4
Maps Used: 7, 8, 11, 18
Board TAC4.jpg
Attacker: British
Defender: German


The capture of the key road junction on the main Ortona-Orsogna lateral was entirely dependent on securing the hamlet of Casa Berardi. Both this and a gully in front of it had been turned by the Germans into formidable strong points defended by infantry and tanks.

On 14th December 1943, Captain Triquet's company of the Royal 22e Régiment with the support of a squadron of a Canadian Armoured Regiment was given the task of crossing the gully and securing Casa Berardi. Difficulties were encountered from the outset. The gully was held in strength and on approaching it the force came under heavy fire from machine-guns and mortars. All the company officers and 50 per cent of the men were killed or wounded. Showing superb contempt for the enemy, Captain Triquet went round reorganizing the remainder and encouraging them with the words, "Never mind them, they can't shoot". Finally when enemy infiltration was observed on all sides shouting, "There are enemy in front of us, behind us and on our flanks, there is only one safe place - that is on the objective," he dashed forward and with his men following him broke through the enemy resistance. In this action four tanks were destroyed and several enemy machine-gun posts silenced.

Source: Victoria Cross Paul Triquet

Versions History

Victory Conditions

Both sides need to control building 8W6 (A26.12). The river represents a ravine (terrain level -1) and mud rules (D8.23) apply.


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After Action Report