Critical Hit 4

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Critical Hit 4.jpeg
Critical Hit Issue No. 4

Critical Hit Issue No. 4 was published by Critical Hit in 1996.


  • Strategy—Armored Assault Tactics by Capt. Robert Modarelli
  • History—Rangers Lead The Way by Steven C. Swann
  • Interview—Brian Martuzas by CH Staff
  • Editorial—Stagnation and Innovation by Kurt Martin
  • Retrospective—Ernie Pyle: The Battle of San Pietro by CH Staff
  • Tournaments—ASL Action in the U.K. and the Midwest by Pete Phillipps and Bernie Hegdahl
  • Tips—Roasting Chestnuts How Not to Leave a Trail of Burning Wrecks to Mark Your Advance by Ted Bleck and Alan Freedman


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario CH41 Test of Nerves 13/06/1944 British German
DASL Scenario CH42 Teryaeva Sloboda 15/12/1941 German Russian
ASL Scenario CH43 Opening Blow 19/02/1945 Canadian German
ASL Scenario CH44 Operation Nordwind 01/01/1945 German American
ASL Scenario CH45 Curtain Call 06/03/1945 German Russian
ASL Scenario CH46 Zerf Stranglehold 25/02/1945 German American
ASL Scenario CH47 Steel and Irony 13/04/1945 British German
ASL Scenario CH48 Double or Nothing! 12/02/1943 Russian German
ASL Scenario CH49 High Danger 31/10/1942 German British
ASL Scenario CH50 Simmons' Rebuff 09/10/1944 German American