COW July 1940

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL ASL News 60 Call Them Ironsides 02/07/1940 German British Four Throws, Kent, England ASL News 30
ASL ASL News 58 Nemesis 03/07/1940 New Zealand German Brede Village, East Sussex, England ASL News 29
ASL CH144 Fort Kassala 04/07/1940 Italian British Fort Kassala, Monte Mocram Pass, Sudan Critical Hit 6.4
ASL CanCon 1999 Round 3 Falling Towards Folkestone 14/07/1940 German British Near Folkestone, England CanCon Tournament Scenario 1999
ASL CH112 Frontier Raid II 17/07/1940 British Italian Frontier Post, Libyan-Egyptain Border Special Edition: Operation Compass & Wavell's 30,000