Breakout (The Great War 1914-18)

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Scenario TGW1.jpg
Publication: The Great War 1914-18
Location: Near Charleroi, Belgium
Scenario Date: 25/08/1914
# of Turns: 5.5
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 35, 44
VASL map
Attacker: French
Defender: German


The Battle of Charleroi, one of the Battles of the Frontiers, was one of the key battles on the Western Front in 1914, and one of the early major German victories.

The battle comprised a major action fought between the French Fifth Army, advancing north to the River Sambre, and the German Second and Third Armies, moving southwest through Belgium.

Charleroi itself was a mid-size industrial town crossing the River Sambre, and was a battlefront stretching approximately 40 km west of Namur where the river joins with the Meuse.

France's pre-war strategy document, Plan XVII, determined that the French Fifth Army should join Third and Fourth Armies in an invasion of Germany through the Ardennes. This however assumed that Germany would not attempt an invasion of France further north, i.e. through Belgium. Whilst Lanrezac, Fifth Army commander, believed this a distinct possibility, particularly as he observed a massive build-up of German forces in Belgium, Joffre, the French Commander-in-Chief, refused to consider the possibility.

Source: Battle of Charleroi, Opened 21 August 1914

Versions History

Victory Conditions

French should exit more VP off the board than the Germans have on the map at game end. An encircled French half-platoon counts double for VP determination.







After Action Report




Scenario can be found on Original Link (offline). ASL.NET provides Local Download.