Action Pack 6

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Action Pack 6.jpeg
Action Pack 6: A Decade of War

Action Pack 6: A Decade of War was published by MMP in 2010. This was the first Action Pack to list the names and details of the scenarios on the back cover.

The scenarios feature battles from 1936-1945. The scenarios include Australian Balancing System (ABS) levels.


  • 10 scenarios
  • 3 unmounted maps (1a/b, 2a/b, 3a/b)






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario AP53 Far From Home 18/12/1936 Nationalist Republican
ASL Scenario AP54 800 Heroes 29/10/1937 Japanese Chinese
ASL Scenario AP55 The Generalissimo's Own 26/05/1938 Chinese Japanese
ASL Scenario AP56 Quagmire 22/09/1939 Japanese Chinese
ASL Scenario AP57 Kleckerweise 14/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario AP58 Sat Sri Akal! 02/01/1942 Japanese British
ASL Scenario AP59 Taking Heads 01/01/1942 Japanese American
ASL Scenario AP60 Nishne, Nyet! 10/02/1943 German Russian
ASL Scenario AP61 Desobry Defiant 19/12/1944 German American
ASL Scenario AP62 Shouting Into the Storm 08/02/1945 German Russian