A Sad Victory

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A Sad Victory

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Publication: QuickFire Challenge 1
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At the beginning of the Summer the Commander of the Home Army District in Vilnius, then known as Wilno, General Aleksander Krzyzanowski "Wilk", decided to regroup all the partisan units in the northeastern part of Poland for the assault, both from inside the city and from the outside. Approximately 12,500 Home Army soldiers attacked the German garrison and managed to seize most of the city center. Heavy street fighting in the outskirts lasted a week, until July 14. In Vilnius' eastern suburbs, the Home Army units cooperated with reconnaissance groups of the Soviet 3rd Belorussian Front. The German garrison, under the command of Major-General Rainer Stahel, attempted a local counterattack using the last mechanized units at disposal to break the encirclement before the Soviet arrival and create a safe path for the immediate withdrawal of the few half-disrupted units remaining in Wilno.

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