Une Danse avec la Reine

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Une Danse avec la Reine

Scenario TAC11.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 2
Location: South of Sidi Barani, Egypt
Scenario Date: 09/12/1940
# of Turns: 9
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 26, 27
Attacker: British
Defender: Italian


The opening stage of Operation Compass was known by the Italians as the "Battle of the Marmarica". The British knew it as the "Battle of the Camps".

The "Battle of the Marmarica" name was derived from the name of the coastal plain where the battle was fought. The "Battle of the Camps" name was derived from the individual Italian camps set up in a defensive line outside of Sidi Barrani.

Source: Operation Compass on Wikipedia

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The British troops need to control all trenches, without heavy casulaties.


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After Action Report