ASL Journal 9

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ASL Journal 9.jpeg
ASL Journal 9

ASL Journal Issue 9 was published by MMP in 2011.


  • Debriefing The Latest ASL Errata by MMP
  • A View From The Bench Editorial by The Executive Editors
  • The Art Of The Banzai Mastering the Methods of the Emperor's Finest by Bret Hildebran
  • The Science Of The Banzai Understanding Ninja Moves by Jim Bishop
  • Getting Your Feet Wet Water, Water, Everywhere! by Jon Neall
  • Verdict At Nuremberg A New Mini-Campaign Game and Trilogy of Scenarios by Pete Shelling
  • The Battle For Suicide Creek Background to the Subject of This Issue's HASL by Darrell Andersen
  • The Last House On The Left The Art of Key Building Defense by Mark Pitcavage
  • A Method To The Madness Scenario Design 101 by Pete Shelling
  • Spass Mit Panzerfauste The Ins & Outs of the Deadly German LATW by Tim Hundsdorfer
  • The Red Barricades Project The SoCal ASL Club's Solution for Space-Challenged Play by Jim Aikens
  • In The Pipeline The New, the Ongoing, and the Upcoming by Chas Argent
  • Historical map (Suicide Creek)
  • 1 counter sheet
  • Chapter Z Campaign Game pages Z63 - Z68


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J126 Ugly Faces 28/05/1940 German Allied
ASL Scenario J127 Messervy's Men 06/11/1940 British Italian
ASL Scenario J128 Opium Hill 14/02/1942 Japanese British
ASL Scenario J129 Mountain Hunters 29/06/1942 Axis Russian
ASL Scenario J130 The Art of Dying 01/09/1942 Italian Russian
HASL Scenario J131 First Love 02/01/1944 American Japanese
HASL Scenario J132 Jungle Infiltration 02/01/1944 Japanese American
HASL Scenario J133 One Miserable Night 02/01/1944 Japanese American
HASL Scenario J134 Kerry's Crossing 03/01/1944 American Japanese
HASL Scenario J135 Diversion 03/01/1944 American Japanese
HASL Scenario J136 Muddy Mayhem 04/01/1944 American Japanese
ASL Scenario J137 No Mercy in Burcy 03/08/1944 German British
ASL Scenario J138 Point to Make 03/09/1944 British German
ASL Scenario J139 Light Aid Detached 04/09/1944 German Allied
ASL Scenario J140 All Down the Line 19/09/1944 British German
ASL Scenario J141 Riding With the King 25/10/1944 Russian German
ASL Scenario J142 Penny Packets 21/12/1944 German American
ASL Scenario J143 Circle of Doom 16/04/1945 American German
ASL Scenario J144 Three for the Third 18/04/1945 American German
ASL Scenario J145 Golden Pheasants 19/04/1945 American German
ASL Scenario J146 Ragnarök 02/05/1945 German Russian
HASL Scenario VotG22 Bark You Dogs! 26/09/1942 German Russian
HASL Scenario VotG23 Heroes of the Soviet Union 26/09/1942 Russian German
HASL Scenario VotG24 Raid on Rodimtsev 02/10/1942 German Russian

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