ASL Journal 8

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ASL Journal 8.jpeg
ASL Journal 8

ASL Journal Issue 8 was published by MMP in 2010.


  • Debriefing The Latest ASL Errata by MMP
  • A View From The Bench Editorial by The Executive Editors
  • Crosstown Traffic A Detailed Look at the Rules for Vehicular Overrun by Carl Noguerira
  • The Agony Of Defeat Why Bad Things Happen to New Players by Mark Pitcavage
  • A Preview Of Hakkaa Päälle A First Look at the Last Core Module by Lars Thuring & Cuomo Lukkari
  • Maczek Fire Brigade A Closer Look at Scenario J113 by J.R. Tracy & Bret Hildegran
  • Turning The Tide 20 More Scenarios Converted from Squad Leader by Jim Stahler
  • Action Pack 4: Notes From A Designer The History of the Normandy Action Pack by Ian Daglish
  • A Place For Your Stuff A Guide to the Rules for Setup in ASL by David Olie
  • Priests On The Line An Analysis of Scenario J74 by Matt Shostak
  • Doomed Battalions 3: Debriefing Consolidated Errata and Updates for the 3rd Edition compiled by Dave Childs
  • The Advance Phase The New, the Ongoing, and the Upcoming by Chas Argent


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J113 Maczek Fire Brigade 04/09/1939 German Polish
ASL Scenario J114 The Marketplace at Wormhoudt 28/05/1940 German British
ASL Scenario J115 Last Push to Mozhaisk 17/10/1941 German Russian
ASL Scenario J116 Brigade Hill 08/09/1942 Australian Japanese
ASL Scenario J117 The Triangle 21/11/1942 American Japanese
ASL Scenario J118 Elephants Unleashed 05/07/1943 German Russian
ASL Scenario J119 Sovkhoz Haystacks 28/01/1944 German Russian
ASL Scenario J120 Ishun Tank Traps 11/04/1944 Russian German
ASL Scenario J121 Schloss Hemingstein 14/09/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J122 Bloody Bois Jacques 22/12/1944 American German
DASL Scenario J123 Charging Chaumont 23/12/1944 American German
DASL Scenario J124 Cobra Kings 25/12/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J125 Everything is Lost 30/04/1945 Russian German
HASL Scenario VotG19 Cellar Dwellers 17/07/1942 German Russian
HASL Scenario VotG20 Terror at Twilight 18/07/1942 Russian German
HASL Scenario VotG21 Defending the Voentorg 22/07/1942 German Russian