ASL Journal 4

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ASL Journal 4

ASL Journal Issue 4 was published by MMP in 2002.


  • History Of The Game: Carriers Coulda Been a Cupholder by Ian Daglish
  • The Fine Art Of Bushwackin' Ambush and Close Combat - ASL style by David Olie
  • Inventorying Your Overlays (list of overlays)
  • Hall Of Fame The ASLML picks the scenarios by Rob Wolkey
  • Spotlight On The Forgotten Vehicles The India Pattern Carrier by Charles Markuss and Shaun Carter
  • Abandoned At The Edge Of The World Indochina and ASL by Laurent Closier
  • Scenario Analysis Probing J24 Smashing the Third by Matt Shostak
  • A View From The Mound MMP on ASL by MMP
  • Debriefing Stomping on the Gremlins by MMP
  • Tips For Learning ASL That's a Mighty Big Binder… by John Slotwinski
  • Bloody Omaha SASL The Longest Day by Daniel Zucker
  • Hit 'em High, Or Hit 'em Low Light Mortars and ASL by Simon Spinetti
  • 'Bolts From Above Highly Optional Weather Rules by Bert Baldwin



  • page 8, "Mount Up?" sidebar, third bullet "Firepower": replace with "FP 2 at range 8: ROF 1 for Carrier A"
  • page 12, column 3, third full paragraph, line 13: replace "You" with "If enemy Infantry Advance in, you"


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J66 Sound Retreat 19/05/1940 German British
ASL Scenario J67 The Lawless Roads 24/05/1940 British German
ASL Scenario J68 Unlucky Thirteenth 25/05/1940 German British
ASL Scenario J69 The Army at the Edge of the World 25/09/1940 Japanese French
ASL Scenario J70 Just an Illusion 16/01/1941 Thai French
ASL Scenario J71 Tomforce 10/021942 British Japanese
ASL Scenario J72 Cahier Carriers 16/07/1944 British German
ASL Scenario J73 Tired and Unsupported 25/07/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J74 Priests on the Line 29/07/1940 German American
ASL Scenario J75 My Lonely Valentine 31/01/1945 German Russian
ASL Scenario J76 Ultimate Treachery 10/03/1945 Japanese French
ASL Scenario J77 Moses' Blazes 10/04/1945 British German