ASL Journal 3

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ASL Journal 3

ASL Journal Issue 3 was published by MMP in 2001. This was the first issue to have all the scenarios in the centre pages and sorted in ascending date.


  • The Norwegian Campaign The Germans Strike North by Philippe Naud
  • The French Expeditionary Corps “Victory” at Narvik by Laurent Closier
  • A View From The Mound Curt Pontificates by Curt Schilling
  • A Two Month Stint The Chasseurs de Podhale by Philippe Naud
  • Hoch! Hoch! A Solitaire ASL Mission by Todd Hively
  • Slaughterhouse A Scenario Review of J33 by Matt Shostak
  • A Case For Infiltration Japanese Troops and Close Combat by Brian Youse
  • Collect For Output How the Heck Did That Happen?!? by Curt Schilling
  • Anti-Aircraft Guns Employment and Tactics by Chas Smith and Matt Shostak
  • Strafer Jones Air Support Mechanics by Chas Smith and Matt Shostak
  • Broadway To Prokhorovka A Kursk Mini-CG by Pete Shelling
  • Keep On Truckin’ Truck Transport and ASL by Perry Cocke
  • Topography (list of maps and modules)
  • Rules Of Engagement Playing ASL with SASL Guidelines by Robert Delwood
  • B9.5 Bocage Historical and ASL Perspective by Ian Daglish
  • New Wall Advantage Rules A Quick and Dirty Summary by Bruce Probst
  • Comprehensive Deluxe WA Example Ian Mans the Wall by Ian Daglish
  • American Tragedy The Story Behind the Scenario by Dan Dolan, Matt Noah and Jeff Coyle
  • First Do No Harm Designer’s Notes for the 2nd Edition ASLRB by Perry Cocke



  • "Broadway to Prokhorovka" Mini-CG BPSSRs: The HS passenger of any SPW 250/sMG and/or SPW 251/sMG is a 3-4-8; in table 2, chit #4 reinforcements enter on turn 1, not turn 2; in Example of CG Play, column 2, line 7, replace "2 fatigue chits" with "1 fatigue chit" MMP
  • page 59: In Example 1, replace lines 23-29 "the result... whatsover" with "the result is 8 or less (0 DRM), the German squad is attacked with 30 FP on the IFT"
  • page 62, column 3, fourth paragraph of "GUNS" section, line 7: delete "AFPh and "
  • page 63, column 3, second full paragraph, lines 7-8: insert "half" between "<=" and "the" in both instances
  • page 64: column 2, first full paragraph, line 10: delete "unless it is in Melee"


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J36 The Bridge of Verdalsora 21/04/1940 German Allied
ASL Scenario J37 Tretten in Flames 23/04/1940 German British
ASL Scenario J38 Bitter Defense at Otta 28/04/1940 German British
ASL Scenario J39 Indeed! 10/05/1940 German Allied
ASL Scenario J40 Might Makes Right 11/05/1940 German Norwegian
ASL Scenario J41 By Ourselves 11/05/1940 Norwegian German
ASL Scenario J42 Grebbe End 13/05/1940 German Dutch
ASL Scenario J43 3rd RTR in the Rain 23/05/1940 American Italian
ASL Scenario J44 Audacity! 28/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario J45 The Last Roadblock 28/05/1940 German Allied
ASL Scenario J46 Strongpoint 11 11/01/1942 Japanese Dutch
ASL Scenario J47 "They're Here! Reverse!" 08/02/1941 Italian British
ASL Scenario J48 Blood Enemies 13/04/1941 Yugoslavian Croatian
ASL Scenario J49 Desperate Dash 28/11/1942 Russian German
ASL Scenario J50 The Cactus Farm 29/04/1943 British German
ASL Scenario J51 Canicatti 12/07/1943 American German
ASL Scenario J52 Dress Rehearsal 10/07/1943 Russian German
ASL Scenario J53 Setting the Stage 11/07/1943 German Russian
ASL Scenario J54 Showtime 12/07/1943 German Russian
HASL Scenario J55 Matsumoto's Charge 06/04/1944 Japanese American
ASL Scenario J56 A Burnt Out Case 06/07/1944 Russian German
DASL Scenario J57 Guards Artillery 03/08/1944 German British
HASL Scenario J58 No. 8 Platoon Overrun 18/09/1944 German British
ASL Scenario J59 Friday the 13th 13/10/1944 German Russian
ASL Scenario J60 Bad Luck 21/11/1944 German American
ASL Scenario J61 In the Bag 25/12/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J62 Lee's Charge 03/01/1945 American German
ASL Scenario J63 Silesian Interlude 19/03/1945 German Russian
HASL Scenario J64 American Tragedy 11/04/1945 American Japanese
DASL Scenario J65 Brave Little Emchas 10/04/1945 Russian German

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