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You can find here codesnippets on common tasks in our wiki.


Add non-clickable image





Add collapsible text


... Extra content ...

<div class="toccolours mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="width:75%">
'''Read More...'''
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
... Extra content ...

Add external link

Example: Your link to this site

[ Your link to this site]


Upload a file

Use the uploadpage of this site.

Add download link

Example: Local Download

[[|Local Download]]


Add AAR with collapsible tab

full text here...

{{AAR|? vs ?=Colonel Custard vs Legion|link=|text=full text here...}}

Add "This source hasn't been added yet to this page"


This source hasn't been added yet to this page.

The website link is


Add "More information can be found on this site"


Add "The original site can be found here"


Add "Ready to print version"


Ready to print version: Original link and Local Download by Peter Kruijt.

{{Print|link=|local=ASLSKTutorial.v1.0.pdf|author=Peter Kruijt}}

Add "This article is taken from another site"

Index view.png

This article is taken from another site:

The author is Louis Manios - David Lake.

The original website is

{{Source|author=Louis Manios - David Lake|link=}}

Add "This article is under construction"


This article is under construction.

Please help expanding it by adding content.

  • Please refer to our How To - section on our Main page for an explanation of how contents can be added on this site.
  • If you have files or content that could be added, but you dont have the time. Please let us know! Mail to If you send us copyrighted material, only references of it will be added to the site (content listing/front image/scenario background/...).